Tarnished Silver

Bringing down Níðhöggr

Live grenades are fun to juggle

After a short breather in the vestibule, we heard a knock at the door. As it turned out, our “hiding place” wasn’t really that hidden. A small troop of monsters accompanied us up to the chamber of Níðhöggr. He graciously offered us a last meal. Fearing poison, we instead used a magic bead necklace to hurl a number of fireballs into Níðhöggr’s face. Understandably upset at this, he hurled two of his Devourer minions at us, and proceeded to mutate into a gigantic worm, burrowing into the ground by means of a portal to a pocket dimension.

Fighting the minions proved to be little challenge to our heroes, until Níðhöggr managed to engulf Owrk. Taking advantage of this, Owrk utilized his last remaning fireball bead, followed by his axe, to provide Níðhöggr with the worst case of indigestion. It wasn’t until Sora was also eaten, however, that the nausea got to be too much, as she used her divine powers as a paladin to inflict major hurt on his digestion.

Vomiting them both up, Níðhöggr retreated to his pocket dimension. Owrk followed, and the two engaged in a final duel in which Owrk managed to fatally wound Níðhöggr. The pocket dimension collapsed, and the two returned to our world.

Using the last of his energy, Níðhöggr charged Owrk, and a dark cloud flowed into Owrk’s mouth, while at the same time, a force slammed into his chest, hurling him to the ground. When the darkness cleared, he found a dagger, similar to the one given to Fade.

Finding ourselves victorious, we decided to raid the food, then made our way out of the temple. Entering the main temple chamber, we found that all the priests had sacrificed themselves in an attempt to bolster Níðhöggr’s strength, leaving the chamber covered in blood.


kloutier drsabek

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